Asian Americans:Less likely the CEOs, More officer workers

The typical Asian American mentality seems like hard work and studying equals brighter future. But this mentality is the wall that keeps them from the social norm. Instead of learning to enjoy life as a free individual, they are taught at a young age to rather work hard in order to maintain a high social status. Although this may seem practical in Asian culture, it’s unsuitable for American life because social life is such a big part of American culture. Lacking assertiveness and masculinity, Asian Americans seems confined in the “Bamboo Ceiling,” as New York magazine puts it, which keeps us from leadership positions and keeps us in offices as computer nerds.

Asian parents want their children to be successful and reach high paying jobs by working hard and climbing up the education ladders to be qualified and work as the future doctors, accountants, and engineers. Yes, these jobs pay well but they do not involve working with things and dealing with people at the same time. Asian parents stress the importance of education and the future, but ultimately fail to teach social norms as they are rather clouded by their system of teaching back in their own country where education is the utmost importance to your future. In the United States where educational freedom truly allows you to pursue any job you seek, you must have the social skills that allow you to take other advantages to reach success. Social skills are not only a vital nutrient to success in dealing with people, but it's an absolute necessity in being a leader, where jobs like Managers, Executives, and CEOs rule. In the United States, Asian-Americans act as a very fine worker bee instead of a queen bee.
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In the United States, the school system does not only emphasize on education alone, but also on extracurricular activities and social skills. Not only does this create a organized educational schedule, but it also promotes individualism, where creativity flourishes. This system is an opposite of the Asian Educational system where it is study, study, study, sleep (if possible at all), then repeat. They are usually at cram schools after-school and focused solely on their grades in hopes of landing a high paying job. This is the system and environment where the Asian parents grew up, and this puts them in a mindset that their child must study and reserve their intelligence for that next big test coming up. They don’t speak out in small talks that may hinder them from studying and getting the best grade in the class. Asian American children are not only trapped in this mindset by their parents, but they have to cope with the differences of their parent’s views with how they are taught differently in the United States. They are taught to study instead of socialize, work on SATs instead of practicing sports, and doing homework instead of going out with your friends.
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Held back by this mindset, they tend to be much more reserved in public spaces. In the crossfire of Asian culture and American culture, Asian American struggle to meet both demands, and they are ultimately faced to grow up as hard workers who are very intelligent but are socially poor, not able to take responsibilities of managerial positions. Now this does not mean that they lack the knowledge to be a great manager, they just lack the skills to project their knowledge. Management skills are a qualitative skill set that aren’t emphasized in Asian education.
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This is not to say Asian Americans can't get good jobs, in fact, they are very successful, as Asians as a whole have the highest average income, education, and marriage rates in America. But the truth is that they are inclined to be workers because of their background and their parents, instead of managers. Social norm standard should be set in Asian American culture, and parents need to understand that that while living in America, a child's SAT scores may be important, being able to talk to others and have a social life is also a necessity. Let them free out of the bamboo ceiling, and let them roam in the land of the free, known as the USA.

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