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Growing Up Female in America in 2011
The Pressure to be a Mom
It seems that little girls are groomed to be mothers at a very young age. One of the first toys a girl will get is usually a baby doll. You’d think that by 2011 we’d have changed that, yet the pressure to raise children is still heavily pressed upon women. “Nearly 20 percent of older women do not have children, compared to 10 percent in the 1970s, the Pew Research Center said.” (Lippman). With more and more women choosing not to have children, why is it still looked down upon on society? Women without children are often deemed as; selfish, heartless, and bitter. Whether the reason is for health, economic, or any personal reason, it is the woman’s choice to start a family and there shouldn’t be any judgment against what she chooses to do.
Women without children still face great criticism in today’s society. They’re subject to the harsh ignorant comments that are thrown at them. In a U.K. blog a woman posted an encounter she had;
Since I am neither married nor a mother, I had little to offer the conversation. ‘So, I hear you’re a career woman.’ What sounded like an accusation was being made by a corpulent guest I’d never met before – a plain woman in beige who looked like she badly needed a holiday. I replied that yes, I was a journalist.
‘Don’t take this the wrong way,’ she continued, ‘but I can’t understand why a woman would ever choose work over family life. It must be such a lonely life without children. What’s the reason to get up every day? I don’t want to sound rude, but you must become so selfish when you’ve only yourself to think of.’” (Appleyard)
That woman couldn’t have been much ruder about the subject. The sad part is that not all women are confident enough in their decision. This can lead to them really believing everything society is telling them about motherhood. Towards the end of the blog the same woman says;
“My regrets will always linger. My life is a poorer place for not having children, and I am less of a woman for not being a mother. There is a vast realm of experience and growth I will never know.”(Appleyard )
The fact that she believes that she is less of a woman is sad. It’s been so engrained in society that the role of a woman is childrearing, and it may never change. Not only is this shown in conversation with other people but it’s reinforced in the media. One good example of this is in the movie Baby Mama. The whole movie is based around the fact that she desperately feels that she wants to be a mother. Again, it’s not wrong to want children but her character portrays feeling inadequate over that fact that she took a career over immediately having children.
Everyone will still sigh and laugh when a young child says; “I want to be a mom when I grow up”. It’s not a bad thing to want to have children, but it shouldn’t be something that will hold a woman back and she’ll be looked down upon for. It will take a long time for society as a whole to except that as a woman’s lifestyle choice, but hopefully the stereotypes can soon be let go. Links
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Representation of Power
Money Is Power
In our society money is possibly the biggest indicator of power. If you have wealth then you have instant fame and power. Power and money go hand in hand; you usually won’t come across one without the other. They could be powerful in their town, profession, sport, or country- but at least somewhere they will hold a good portion of power and control. Because of their known wealth and power, the media focuses on them as prime targets, yet so many of these powerful people think that they can get away with doing something wrong.
One recent example of this is with the head of the International Monetary Fund (IFC), Dominique Strauss-Kahn. He is accused of attempted rape, sex abuse, a criminal sex act, unlawful imprisonment and forcible touching of a maid after a stay in a New York City hotel. What makes this case an issue of power is the high publication of all of it. These cases happen every day, yet his made headlines globally. Perhaps even more importantly, is the fact that he thought he could get away with his crime. He was arrested on a plane heading for Paris, before police arrived to the hotel. Why is it that he thought he could so easily get away with doing this crime? Possibly his extreme wealth or political pull had something to do with it, but in today’s world it got him an extremely public trial and lost him his job. (Other)
Another man with immense wealth and political power that’s been the talk of a lot of criticism lately is Arnold Schwarzenegger. His recent admission of an affair and love child with his family’s long time housekeeper has been taking over the media. It may just be coincidence that he announced this after he resigned as governor of California, but it’s most likely not. People with this much power don’t do anything unplanned. There is a reason for what they do, and it’s to keep them with as much power and prestige as they can walk away with. (Serpe)

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Representation of Difference
Homosexuality in Pro Sports
Homosexuality and various sexual orientations have been vastly more accepted within recent years. Although they have been equalized in many aspects of our society, there are still some places where they remain unequal. One of these areas is in professional sports. The movement towards acceptance of sexual orientations has been fought for in many areas in society. The professional male athlete is pretty much the epitome of a macho powerful man. Once you enter homosexuality in to that, many people’s views change and they don’t find it acceptable.
As of now, no professional athlete has come out while still in their playing career (Rubenstein). Rick Welts is the Phoenix Suns president and CEO. He has recently come out as being gay, in hopes to encourage other people in the sports industry to be open with their sexuality (Addressing). But what is it about being openly homosexual makes people in sports so uncomfortable?
Sports Illustrated did a survey on sexual orientation and professional sports. In the survey, 68% said that it would hurt an athlete's career to be openly gay and 66% said that gay athletes are unfairly treated in both their private and professional lives. Whether or not being open would end a male athlete’s career can’t be determined because there has yet to be one. Many say that it’s not the issue of what happens on the field, but what happens off of it, particularly in the locker room. Many men would feel uncomfortable in the locker room or showers with someone that is openly gay (Rubenstein).
It’s understandable as to why people would be nervous to come out to their teams. There is still a lot of homophobia in the sports community, which could cause a lot of problems within a team. Basketball player Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 after using a derogatory gay slur during a game (Lwanga).
Hopefully someday soon an athlete will be able to come out and be accepted in the sports industry. A player’s sexual orientation doesn’t affect their performance at all and shouldn’t ruin their career or make them live a double life not being who they really are.
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Connection to another Student
“Homosexuality is another aspect of life that is represented differently in the media. Actually, it is a big deal if it is in the media at all. The idea that there are people out there who are different than the generally more accepted heterosexual world, flips the switch for some people and it makes them very upset. Some people blame it on religion, others just don’t understand. Either way, homosexuals are definitely treated differently than heterosexuals are.The way the media segregates gay and straight reinforces the idea that they are different from us to begin with. Okay, they are attracted to the same gender. They still have organs, feelings, have basic human needs, and are of the human species. The way the media portrays them helps to uneducated those who are homophobic even more so than they were before, just reiterating false accusations that all homosexual people are the same way.”
This really related to my Representation of Difference paper about homosexuality and professional sports. When Libby wrote that some people just don’t understand, she’s right. It’s rare to find a gay person come out and bash a straight person, yet we find it being done the other way around every day.
The way the media reinforces homosexual stereotypes will never help any of us to move forward into full acceptance of others. The fact that homosexuals in professional sports haven’t been fully discussed in the media is just helping to strengthen the views that people have towards them being unequal. Like Libby said, they are all still people; they are humans, with emotions and feelings. Someone’s sexual orientation doesn’t change their ability to do something or whether it be a sport or career and it’s time for society to recognize that.
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