Representation of Male Power
The movie for No Country for Old Men is a great example of the way males are portrayed as powerful in media. The large face that's hovering in the background makes the man seem larger than life and all-powerful. And even the much smaller man that is displayed seems to be flying as he's running.

This advertisement for an arm wrestling team displays the ideology of men being the only ones involved in "gutsy" activities. It also suggests the idea that men hold the place for receiving glory because of their triumphant actions.

Gender in America

This movie poster is a great example of the expectations of women in our culture. Starting with the woman on the far right, it's clear that the ideology is that no matter what disabilities you're born with as a woman, you will do whatever it takes to try to fit in and look your best at all times. It's an assumed responsibility for a woman to wear as little amount of clothes as possible and abuse her body in order to fit it into the mold of the ideal female body.

Women's advertisements aren't very kind to them either. As this particular ad shows, women have an expectation to make themselves look like something completely unreal. The ideal body for these models is unhealthy and also completely unrealistic for the majority of the population.

This link is to an article that further explains this topic.

Representation of Difference

VideoThis video goes into detail about the difficulties and prejudice that special needs children and their family are faced with, especially in the world of competitive sports.

This link goes to an article that explains some controversy over the casting of a non-parapgic boy for the role of a paraplegic student in glee. Many viewers were upset because it seems counterproductive not to give the role to an equally qualified person that truly does need a wheelchair. Giving them the same opportunities would send the message of equality much clearer to the audience.


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